Foodie Journey: Steamed Egg Dish

This week, somehow we had curry-related dishes for 2 days in a row. I decided to make a steamed egg dish instead for Thursday. That was my 2nd attempt and I have not yet made a good one like my mother does.

I learned that I put too much water, over-beat and did not cover it well during steaming time. Next time, I’ll try 1 egg : 1 egg of water. Saying that I mean I use an egg shell as a measurement.


  1. Eggs
  2. Water
  3. Light soy sauce
  4. Sesame oil


  1. Mix egg, water and soy sauce. Try not over beat (like I did). Remove all bubbles after mixing
  2. Place in a steam pot for 10 minutes

Steamed egg and vegetables – Taken by Angela Worldtrekker

That recipe is only for my personal experiments. If you want a proper and detailed one, please check Youtube or Google 🙂