Where is Angela living?

1983 – 2010:

Being born and getting grown up for 25 years, I have many memories of this city. I have two words for it: peaceful and friendly.

Cantho, where I can bike around the city without being stared as an alien

Cantho, where I rush into a place and order good and cheap food and drink

Cantho, where I do not need to go anywhere to see flood; it is right inside the city

Cantho, where I have many cool breezes from Cantho and Hau rivers which are bordered my city

Cantho, where my parents are living pleasantly and calmly – do not worry for anything else

Cantho, where I met you, made friend with you and had the best time ever in my life

It is so hard to leave – when I leave, that means I will leave haft of my soul and my heart

I want to live here for ever, no matter how many events would happen next in my life.

Maybe, I’ll go but after all, I will come back where I was born. “They will go back where they came from”

2010 – present:

I spent my summer time of year 2010 in Thailand and around Southeast Asia. It was my unforgettable time in my life.

Currently I am staying in Bangkok, Thailand for work and travels.

It is a huge crowded city. It can give everyone many chances. It can take away from you many things, probably good things as well. The life cycle in a big city is piercingly stronger than that in my hometown.

I want to challenge myself.

My heart and my soul are still with Can Tho.


4 thoughts on “Where is Angela living?

  1. I am thinking of going back there too 🙂 Hey, we all should start a club there, hihi, I love it!!!CAN THO my city! though I am 1 hour away, it’s still my city.

  2. Can Tho, the main city of Mien Tây, i agree with you…who was boen here, has to come back, live here and build up the country, let this part of Vietnam turn to one of the pearl of Vietnam, like it was and it is…..

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