What does Angela prepare for her trips?

There is a must-bring item list

  • Backpack – capacity of 15 kg (applicable for any more-than-3-week trips)
  • Carry-on bag – capacity of 7 kg (applicable for any trips between 1 day up to 10 days)
  • Passport and its copies
  • Credit Cards  & Cash
  • Journal and pen
  • Camera
  • Smart phone (most of the time I use it as my laptop and camera)
  • Clothes: always do laundry by myself. Often I have 1 pair of jean, 1 pair of short, 1 dress, 3 super-quick-dry T-shirt, 1 shirt, 1 swimming suit
  • Rain coat
  • Scarf: at least 2 (1 warm one and 1 light one)
  • Mini First-Aid kit
  • A pair of either hiking shoes or running shoes, depending on which destination I will travel, which a few pair of socks
  • Warm jacket/thick hoodie if I have to travel during winter time
  • Kindle
  • Mini travel toiletries kit with sun lotion
  • Mini travel universal adapter kit and recharger
  • Bottle of water
  • Travel super light micro-fabric towel

a good pair of shoes


one of my journals: keep notes, address, phone number, thoughts and doodling as well


my day backpack


my backpack is still in good condition


That big bottle of water is handy

my smart phone

my pair of flip flop for beach destinations or places where I do not need to walk too much

a pair of glove for winter trips

my fav watch (time and date)


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