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What do you want to know about me? A woman who …

value independence

wanna discuss things

have tons of energy

is a thinker and a talker

prize intellectual stimulation and freedom

love to look at all sides of an argument

can be wishy washy

is a good fiery argument

is always up for anything as long as I am not forced into it

is perfectly happy to be in the background pulling the strings

is better at starting things than ending them

What do you want to know about my trips?

Go out everyday and you will learn,

Each step that you take will make you wiser.

Go here, go there, go everywhere –

How can you be smart by staying home?

In the world you will find many nations

And many people all over the land;

You’ll cross deep oceans and tall mountains,

And roads that criss-cross the sand.

You’ll find people that come in four races:

Yellow, white, red and black;

You’ll float through the sky in four directions:

East, west, north and south;

But you will never know all these things, my son,

Unless you get out of your house

Le Ly Hayslip – When heaven and earth changed places

What do you want to know about my life?

We love the words hòa bình;

Hòa bình means peace – first hòa, then bình:

Hòa means ‘together’ and bình means ‘all the same’.

When we’re all together, no one is parted.

When we’re the same, no one’s at war.

Peace means no more suffering,

Hòa bình means no more war.

Le Ly Hayslip – When heaven and earth changed places

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