Foodie Journey: Texas BBQ

One of highlight must-try dishes in Texas is BBQ. I have tried 2 places and so far they are delicious. I hope to try the best one in town Austin (Franklin’s, I was told).


BBQ brunch at Lamberts Downtown Austin – Angela Worldtrekker


BBQ at another place in Austin, not downtown thought – taken by Angela Worldtrekker


One thought on “Foodie Journey: Texas BBQ

  1. There are so many BBQ places in Texas it would be hard to say who is the best. I can remember back in the early 1950’s and it was in Hempstead Texas that had great BBQ, but as the years passed old people died and the town was lost to the newer generations. One of the other things that were popular in Hempstead were the giant Watermelons , just three costing 50 cents each would fill the trunk of a 1954 Ford and people from Houston like us would make the journey on the weekend and get the watermelons.

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