Foodie Journey: A Typical Viet Meal

A short visit to see some relatives and their treat for me was a typical Viet meal. I got it as an early dinner before I took off.

I do not know until when I can make that thit kho (pork stewed with fish sauce) without any fish sauce smell; but its taste. Once in a while on my on-da-road life, a brief pause and I enjoy my Viet moments with chit-chats in Viet.


Pork stewed with fish sauce and mustard greens soup – Taken by Angela Worldtrekker

Mustard greens can be served raw as lettuce and be a great combination with Viet crepes.

Brassica juncea, mustard greens, leaf mustard, Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, jie cai (in Mandarin) or kai choi (in Cantonese) is a species of mustard plant


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