Writing: Pen Story

I love to collect pens and notebooks/journals.


My pen collection and journals – taken by Angela Worldtreker

I do not write journals much recently. I must say my job took a lot of time from me and I was not motivated enough to write my journals. I did a lot when I was at school and first few years after my graduation.

Lately I am into doodling and coloring. It is a good option for keep my mind at peace, away from thousands of thoughts floating in my little head. I have not found any favorite coloring book yet. Main reason is their paper quality. No matter what pen I use, they all bleed through. I also do not prefer any pens. I like to test them at bookstores and it is up to my luck to find a good pen for that day.


Coloring with my color pencils and pens – Taken by Angela Worldtrekker


Doodling notebook (travel version) – Taken by Angela Worldtrekker

My pen collection was various; from Faber Castell – grip finepen 0.4, Staedtler – triplus fineliner 0.3, Uni Pin – fineline 0.2, Sharpie Finepoint – permanent market, some color pencils, some fountain pens and some random color pens.

Today, when I look at my pen collection, I have exactly 10 pens left. Where were they? Traveling and relocation won’t let me carry them along for many personal reasons. I donated to children who needed them. Last time, it was for those in South of Thailand. It is time for me to restock.

It takes time for me to learn to shop on-line those pens. I am still on the road life. Hence, I do not want to buy many of them again. I still need some for my personal projects anyway. Eventually I ordered Staedtler – triplus fineliner 0.3 coming with 20 different colors. I hope they will be in good condition when they arrive at my place.


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