Foodie Journey: Sweet Corn Rice Pudding

One of my favorite childhood snacks is chè bắp (literally translated “corn sweet soup”). When my boyfriend first tried it, he called it sweet corn rice pudding. My mother makes them the best.

Ingredients are simple. Cow milk free. Butter free. Preparation time is super quick. Cooking time is reasonably fast. It is a workout for your hands and arms, I think 🙂  Below was what I made for two of us. Hopefully this Christmas we can make some for my boyfriend’s family.


  1. Sweet corn (frozen or raw). I prefer those raw ones because I like to shave those corns. A combination of corn milk and coconut milk. Yum!
  2. Sticky rice (I prefer this version over that one with tapioca pearls)
  3. Brown sugar; palm sugar, or any type of sugar you have in your pantries. More or less depends on how sweet you want your rice pudding to be.
  4. Coconut milk (If you use one of those coconut cream which contains a lot of sugar, you can skip adding extra sugar)
  5. Tapioca starch (used for coconut topping as that below picture)
  6. Salt (a pinch)


  1. Boil sticky rice with coconut milk and salt over medium heat. Add water occasionally when you see it is too sticky. You need to stir the mixture if you do not want to burn in the bottom of your saucepan.
  2. Add sweet corns (frozen or raw) into the mixture.
  3. When the sticky rice is cooked, slowly add sugar. Continue to stir well. You need to! Until when? – when you do not see any water 🙂
  4. Coconut topping: boil coconut milk and add a bit of tapioca starch. Stir them well. Let them simmer for 2 minutes.

It is suitable for vegetarians, pregnancy, and children older than 5 years old.

You can serve it warm or cold; I prefer eating it chilled in the summer and warm in the winter.


Sweet corn rice pudding ~ Taken by Angela Worldtrekker

That recipe is only for my personal experiments. If you want a proper and detailed one, please check Youtube or Google 🙂


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