Foodie Journey: Daily Meals and Cooking For Two

When I do not travel or am not busy with any project (personal, school or business), I prefer to eat in, instead of eat out. Traveling around the world allows me to taste new dishes and pick ones I like the most. Then, I will make some when I am at home. During my winter trip 2016-2017, I stay in one town a bit longer than usual. It is all about having a sense of local living. I have more time to explore our kitchen and make some of my favorite Asian food.

Until now, I start to think about making a list of dishes for us on a weekly basis.


  • Easily shop ingredients
  • Diversity
  • Leftover for next day lunch (both of us)
  • Oragnized!


  • I can ruin any dish which I never make in my life 🙂
  • Leftover ingredients might not be applicable for other dishes. Then, it can go bad and we waste money.
  • Many recipes I find on-line are for at least 4 servings while there are two of us. Changing measurements can be risky.

Week 13 (Monday March 27, 2017 until (and including) Sunday April 2, 2017


  • Monday: leftover pork stew made by my aunt & vegetable soup
  • Tuesday: Sweet potato curry with peas
  • Wednesday: Chicken chili (definitely we have leftover for next day lunch)
  • Thursday: Broccoli and peanut stir-fry
  • Friday: Lemon and orange pepper fish
  • Saturday and Sunday: Orange and carrot stir-fry or probably eat out with friends


  • German chocolate cake
  • Mangoes
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Yogurts


Tell me what you think...

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