Foodie Journey: Chicken Rice

On a sunny day in Austin, I craved a chicken rice, like Hainanese chicken rice that my boyfriend and I often had when we were in Ipoh, Malaysia or in Bangkok, Thailand. I spent some time watching some clips on Youtube, of course. I want to make sure that I have enough ingredients before cooking. I do not have all of them to make a real authentic Asian chicken rice or even follow online recipes accordingly. It turned out pretty good with my way.

Hainanese chicken rice is supposed to look like a below image. Look simple and yummy!


picture is from

I used chicken thighs, rice brown, carrot, onion, garlic, cucumber, and ginger. Ginger is the key element to make it like Asian chicken rice, I think. And for sure, some seasoning stuff like salt, pepper, and chili.


Do not boil the chicken! I cooked garlic, onion and carrot for like 15 mins at level 2 on my stove (I guess it is low heat). Then, I added the chicken and left them all together there for like 45 mins. You are alerted not to boil them. As long as you can see steaming out lots and no boiling, you are good. Taken by Angela Worldtrekker.


At the same time, I soaked brown rice in the water. I do that with brown rice, but white one. Taken by Angela Worldtrekker


When it is done, it looked like that. Lots of steaming but no boiling 🙂 By the way, I did not close the pan during cooking time. I dried the rice and put it aside. I used that chicken stock to cook rice and it smelled as the way it should be. Taken by Angela Worldtrekker.


Tada! Final product and look. I was a bit creative with the carrots. They were not supposed to be in the rice but I did not want to throw them away. The dressing I made included soy sauce, chopped ginger (the ones I cooked in the chicken stock), chili, garlic, apple cider vinegar and a bit honey. Taken by Angela Worldtrekker.

That recipe is only for my personal experiments. If you want a proper and detailed one, please check Youtube or Google 🙂


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