Foodie Journey: Broiled Pork Noodle

I remember that my mother makes that dish so easily at home and eventually I do. Well, that story is true when I am in Can Tho, Vietnam with her. Here, in Austin, Texas, I am by myself and Asian supermarket is like 1.5 hours away by public bus. I gotta use again everything that I am stocking in my pantry. I decided to make a grilled pork loin noodle, aka bún thịt nướng.

No, it did not turn out as good as what we do in Can Tho, esp. the pork loin. I kinda ruined them again. Simply they were drier than they were supposed. I miss the grilled juicy pork loin. I will try to use different ways to marinate and actually grill them, instead of broiling them.

Ovens are pretty handy. It takes longer time for me to have a certain sense of heat. While back at home, my mother uses her handmade grill stove in our front yard. I totally can see, smell and taste right the way. I keep telling myself that I need to practice more. Simple like that.


That dish looked pretty okay 🙂 I can tell the pork is dried. Next time! 🙂 Taken by Angela Workldtrekker.


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