Cooking While Abroad

Cooking is my favorite hobby. Baking, as well.

Fun facts:

  • While in Vietnam, ingredients for baking Western dishes are expensive.
  • While abroad, ingredients for cooking Asian dishes are expensive. It takes longer time for me to shop them.
  • A mixed measurement I find on-line and YouTube: US (cup, oz, etc.) vs. the rest of the world (gr, ml, etc.)

How to deal with those objections? I call it being creative in a precise way. Using substitution with a respect of measurements. For example: butter = ghee, coconut oil or olive oil at a 1-to-1 ratio.


baking a dark chocolate cake with coconut flakes | using coconut milk ~ taken by Angela Worldtrekker


sipping a glass of red wine while bread preparation ~ taken by Angela Worldtrekker



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