Dream Big and Spread Wings

Facebook has a fun reminder to help people recall what memories or events happened in the past. Lately it reminded me that I have lived my on-da-road life for 6 years.

It is not easy to move out of your comfy zone and know unknown challenges coming up. Respectfully, I learn people have different styles and viewpoints. I simply do not want to see the world from books, YouTube and from other people’s travel stories. Itchy feet and curiosity are in my blood.

6 years ago I decided to leave my good life in a small city in the heart of Mekong Delta, Vietnam and to see the big world with $2,000 (or so!). I kicked off with a one-month traveling to five S.E.A countries. I continued my journey in the region, to North Asia, to E.U and to U.S.A. Do not fool yourselves that you can do that with that little amount of money. I did volunteering, house-keeping, freelancing and part-time jobs for my financial security. I traveled by bus and train as much as I could. I stayed at dorms, crashed at my friend’s or friends of friends’ or spent a night at airports. I thought that I could travel for a few months, then it became 2 years. I was back to my professional life 4 years ago with a self-promise to take a break from traveling.

I will not ever want to trade off those years for anything else. I have been growing since then. Experience. Mentally. Physically. Friendship. Partnership. Networking. Knowledge. Surviving skill. Soft skills. Different viewpoints. Different cultures. Different backgrounds. Different languages. Different  Cuisine. Respect. Honor. Love. Laugh. Sex. Lonely. You gotta name all.


living my present life – no regret – no worries ~ a good book, a good pair of shoes, a good backpack, a good notebook, a passport, a reasonable amount of money and a good company ~ that’s my on-da-road life | 201604 Worldtrekker

I am asked if I will do that again. My answer will be a Yes. It will be a different way to see the world. At some point of my life, I desire new challenges and new places. Next 6 years, I will look back again to this present point and I am sure that I am happy for what I decide and follow.

Do not stop exploring yourself and the world!


Amsterdam | my travel gear collection 2016 | on-da-road life of Worldtrekker


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