Siem Reap – My Home For 3 Months

Relocating and living an expat life is totally tough for a Viet passport holder. Yet, this post is not about how hard to get that plan fulfilled. That’s a long term career path – to be fulfilled sometime later.

I have been in Siem Reap, Cambodia for almost 3 weeks where I am having a short assignment to support our local team here. It is good to be back after 4 – 5 years when I was an intensive backpacker. I have started my life here as a short term expat; observing local lives and learning more about its people and culture.

Kick off for coming posts about Siem Reap (mainly photos of local food and local lives), let’s enjoy some photos from airport – where I have spent quite a lot of time lately.

an aircraft was about to take off – Siem Reap International Airport – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

View from Siem Reap International Airport at sunset – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

View of Tonle Sab Lake – taken by Angela Worldtrekker


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