Siem Reap – A Tourist Hub in Cambodia

Without Angkor Wat Complex, I do not think people/tourists would make that much effort to come over and spend at least 3 days here. What else does this city offer? Open questions for everyone and pretty sure, you can find out with your own ways.

Enjoy some photos of different corners in town

just about 10′-5′ away from downtown, more nature and more rural scenes – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

one of office buildings in town – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

a street vendor – a gap between the rich and the poor is huge here – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

boutique style hotels are new trend in town – style of 50s or 60s – taken by Angela Worldtrekker

Good morning, Siem Reap! A view from floor 5 of the tallest office building in town. No buildings are allowed to build taller than the top of Angkor Wat – taken by Angela Worldtrekker


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