My story about KLIA 2

My previous post about KLIA 2 was quite long with details about navigation inside KLIA2. I thought I would be in trouble locating myself there again and so I planned to take a few photos and write about it later. However, my two latest trips to Malaysia arriving at KLIA 2 were smooth and quick. I did not spend much time looking for any sign of immigration or security anymore. Only one way to follow and it leads to immigration counters.

When I passed all checks, I go out into a huge mall, honestly. It is still easy to find KL Express, buses and trains to get to KL Sentral, or even taxi or rental cars.

On the way back home, I found out which my boarding gate was, which last time I did not even get a chance to scan on that big departure monitor. I like AirAsia a lot thanks to its quick procedures. Only with my boarding pass and one carry-one bag, I went straight to immigration counters, passed 2 security checks and voila, I had plenty of time to waiting for boarding.

KLIA 2 is not that complicated. It always is for those first-timers. My advice: please add on safe hour on your travel time just in case you get lost 🙂


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