Trekking Trips | Malaysia | 2015

After almost 2 weeks after my sunny island-hopping Philippines trip, I packed my stuff and headed to Malaysia, where I have not been back for about 3 years.

I caught up with one of my very first Couchsurfer hosts and favorite one as well, Hazim. His two boys have grown up so fast and they are super friendly. We have a French Couchsufer and my Frisbee friend joining in a 2 day 2 night camping trekking trip in Janda Baik, which is about 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. It was a great trip. I loved it to be in nature and to learn to grill marshmallows. I did not experience that during my childhood anyway.

Camping site in Janda Baik

Camping site with other families and of course full of energetic kids. Sometimes they just got a bit crazy with my friend’s Frisbee disc

Frisbee time

Trekking to a little waterfall | Janda Baik

After the trekking, we went back to Kuala Lumpur for a short break before going to Ipoh, a new city in Malaysia where I had not visited before.

A piece of Kuala Lumpur


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