31 – Yup!

I noticed that I wrote a couple of blogs about my resolution for each year when I reached to new age. I stopped at age of 29. 2 other years passed. Nothing is written.

No more resolutions for new year. No plans really?

What did I do at my age of 30?

Been with my company for a year; keeping my word about taking a break from travels. Spent my birthday in Hongkong and accomplished a DNA training hosted by my company in Shanghai. Went to winter party – BAM – also hosted by my company in Amsterdam. Had a Can Tho reunion in Belgium. Being more mature in professional life. Nothing new for emotional life. Living with my younger brother.

What am I doing for my age of 31?

One of my goals came true – being a senior in the company; showing that I am serious with my career. Shortly, with full of supports and hard-working, I can do it. Harder level at work. I have to work harder; more about team management, team engagement, and team motivation. Tough challenges. It will be ok.

Travels along the way. Yes, I still take a break from travels. I have a few business trips this year and hope my extended weekends let me meet up and hang out with old friends and make new friends. I had a great spring trip in Lyon, France, in Zoersel and Antwerp, Belgium and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for a great Frisbee event – Windup Windmill. Only 4 months left to the end of this year, no more personal travels are planned.

Spent my birthday in Antwerp, Belgium.

Again, nothing new for emotional life. Still, positively, 4 months are still ahead. Who knows?

Writing those down will let me remember who I was in the past, how much I change over years, to be a better person at work and after work.

A big resolution of age 31 is to be a good senior at work with a motivated and engaged team.


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