Happy Single

Need some time to wrap these broken pieces before upcoming trips.
Sailing with a boat in huge unpredictable oceans.
Sunny. Windy. Stormy. Cloudy.
It might be happy on land,
Full of people and fun.
A moment. A period. A life. It can last.
Still I am with my boat.
This life is with a load of adventures, spontaneousness, wildness, dare-ness and passions.
And one day when I cannot come back in one piece,
I am not hurt. I am real free.



One thought on “Happy Single

  1. It doesn’t matter if you live on a boat or on a quiet area on land. You might remember where I live. You can find exactly such places to feel that you are alive. Feel the elements, feel you breathing and hear your heart beating in your body.
    What you might miss is a place for you. Your surrounding is to crowdy and you feel lonesome and maybe affraid to get lost in the shuffle.
    Hope to read you soon.

    Cheers from A.

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