Bangkok – Mixed Feeling

A 14-year-old boy sitting next to me on the air plane from SGN to BKK asked whether I had a boyfriend; what type of man I liked; and so on until I showed him a photo of my younger brother and my neighbor. What the heck?

To-go bars are everywhere in Asoke and Nana area. From 100B and up for a cocktail or beer. I like that atmosphere and drinking on the street with cool breezes. I just do not like to see young Thai girls and old white men, which I cannot avoid in BKK.

ImageSome soi in Sukhumvit Rd near Nana area is full of this type of to-go bar.

Lady-boys and hookers are everywhere. Maybe I did not hang out much at night in BKK to notice those. I am sick of seeing those. Some say it is a part of the city, the country. Oh well. I do not have comment.

I found more local food stalls that time. Love Scene was one of them. Rate starts from 80B for one dish. Home-made Thai food. It is quite hidden if you do not pay attention. It is available for lunch, dinner and even supper. Another good place for pad Thai is at the local market near Royal Palace area. It is just a random stall but they sell only pad Thai and have their own Facebook Fan Page for their dish.

I took a boat taxi to escape from a hot hectic center of BKK. It gets more touristic at Saphan Thaksin pier than when I was there, which is around 4 years ago. Long lines of tourists and locals. Ticket ladies are the same with a fun ticket roll. Rate is 18B at the moment. You can pick a higher rate ticket included a local tour guide and you can see some highlight touristic places along the way.

We checked out Weekend market. It is always fun to wander there. With the sun and the heat of more than 34 degree and full of people from around the world, the Weekend market is still one of my favorite places to visit and do a mini shopping. If you know what you want in advance, it can save your butt in term of time consumption. It took me 3 hours without any doubt. When I left the market, I still thought I spent only an hour or so.

BTS and MRT systems in BKK are still helpful for me to wander to some places in town. A lot of people use those train systems but still traffic jam is an issue here at rush hour. When I was there, there was not MRT system. Rates rise slightly but still reasonable. Only on business trips in BKK, I use cabs. It is just because I arrive or leave very late. Distance from BKK to BKK airport (not Don Muang airport) is just around 210B + highway tolls (25B+50B). Yet, on rush hours, I have to add-on something around 100B. Always get yourself prepared as taxi drivers here do not speak good English. It is a smart way to print out your hotel address in Thai and hotel’s phone number to call if the driver gets lost. My case that time was quite funny. A policeman came to check if everything was ok for me and suggested to escort me to my hotel. A bit scary at first when he asked me to follow him but later on, things seemed fine.

This is actually the first time I stayed in BKK almost for a week – the longest time. I try to keep myself away from this city as there are other more interesting places in Thailand to stay/visit. In the past, BKK was for transit, cuisine and shopping. Currently, BKK is for business, cuisine, and drinking. I like BKK in a way and I hate it in another way. I long to get back and hesitate to extend my stay.

ImageBangkok urban piece from a view of my office, located on Terminal 21

ImageView of rush hour/traffic jam from Asoke Sky train walk

ImageA corner of Oskar Bistro

Image5th floor of Terminal 21 shopping and office building – theme of Golden Gate of San Francisco city.

ImageCheap Charlie’s or Charlie’s Bar – the cheapest bar in town, according to my Thai coworker.

*All photos taken by Angela Worldtrekker with Samsung Galaxy Nexus


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