Slow Life vs Fast Life

After more than a year I have been away from my travel life, I finally come up with one thing, that I told myself that it might not be that true, I am having a “fast life” in this hectic city.

I spend around 8-9 productive hours in my office catching up with my development plans, with my team’s targets, with mini projects and lots of team activities coming along. My working weeks are passing so freaky fast. I have 2 day weekends to sort out my personal life and my own projects. I find out that I just do not have enough time for my personal life, I think. I always have a feeling of “I need more than 24 hours a day”. I even sometimes do not look back and feel what I did, how I felt, how affect to people around me or even worse, sometimes I do not remember to breathe (just kidding, I am still breathing well at the moment). My current life is a fast life.

From 8:30am to 6pm is for office. After work, 1-2 hours are for enjoying my meals. Then other 2 hours are for my stuff like reading, film, writing or hanging out with friends. At least 7-8 hours are for sleeping. That’s done for an average weekday. I spend my weekends a bit more spontaneously. Still, it is not enough time for my reading. My journal is less taken care. My blog is out of date. My camera is under hibernation time. Oh boy!

Currently, to help myself remember what I did, am doing, and will, I am having my mini journal with me all the time to take note everything about work and life. That is what I did when I was at college. By doing so, I can recall all remarkable things and make my development plans more specific and realistic. Using time writing journal is a way to calm my inside part. I express my thoughts more clearly. My soul and mind are not chaotic and disoriented eventually.

Back to my travel life then, I found my 24 hours very interesting, spontaneous and enjoyable. It does not mean I do not like my current life now. It is just a very different way, I think. I observed things and people around me more. I read more. I felt more. I smelled more. I slowed my life to maximize all moments. I wrote more. I smiled more. I did not have any due date for projects. My time management was flexible and spontaneous. I thought and took action more quickly. Less hesitation. I was myself more than I am now. I was more free without boundary. My life back then was slower.

Having a fast life has brought me some things. My free spirit sometime is in doubt. My passion. My enthusiasm. My eagerness. My curiosity. My straightforwardness. My fun-to-be-around. My knowledge. All are still here with me. Always. Now I show them out in many ways. The way is not like the one I had. It makes me sad sometimes.

No matter what I think on my mind at the moment, there are still two sides for both travel life – slow life and on-and-off travel life – fast life. Still, travel life makes me feel much myself. It is one more reason why I reward myself a vacation abroad to back to my travel life after a long working year. I refresh myself after a long backpacking trip. I am more me when I am on the road. I give no attention to what people talk and think about me, my actions and my words. It is my life and I am living it. In the other hand, with on-and-off life, I find myself more mature and professional. I am developing myself more. Professional skills are better. And yes, I make more money. Yet, I care more to what I am doing so that people will not get hurt, that makes me more undetermined sometimes. My habits from travelling sometimes push me in troubles incidentally.

In short, I am living 2 lives as my two sides of personality. I mix positive and negative parts and put some more risks to spice up myself. I am good at making my life less boring. Still, I enjoy my slow life if I have a chance.


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