Foodie Journey: French Cuisine in Lyon

I am looking into some places and gather some info for destinations I am heading to My first stop will be in Lyon. Many things about this city. Myself I want to focus on FOOD. I am such a foodie so far. I can make a good gratin dauphinois. I have not eaten an original one ever in my life though.

The traditional restaurants in Lyon are called bouchons. They serve the typical local dishes: 1/ salade lyonnaise (Lyon salad): green salad with bacon cubes, croutons and a poached egg; 2/ saucisson chaud: a hot, boiled sausage; can be cooked with red wine (saucisson beaujolais) or in a bun (saucisson brioché); 3/ quenelle de brochet: dumpling made of flour and egg with pike fish and a crayfish sauce (Nantua sauce); 4/ tablier de sapeur: marinated tripes coated with breadcrumbs then fried, even locals often hesitate before trying it; 5/ andouillette: sausage made with chopped tripes, usually served with a mustard sauce; 6/ gratin dauphinois: the traditional side dish, oven-cooked sliced potatoes with cream; 7/ cervelle de canut (cervelle’ = ‘ brain): fresh cheese with garlic and herbs. 8/ rognons de veau à la moutarde: veal kidneys in a mustard sauce. Delicious and textural experience.

We will see how much I can eat and hope the list of these dishes will not burn out my wallet.

andouillette sausages

rognons de veau à la moutarde

salade lyonnaise

cervelle de canut


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