Galaxy Nexus by Samsung 16Gb – Hard Reset

This is a note for myself; copied from some online resources

**Performing a hard reset removes all data. Date should be backed up always.


Option 1

A normal way and maybe the easiest way to reset. Personally I do not like this way. It cannot solve my issues for good or at least long term. Yep, I know my phone is weird when it usually automatically restart or its screen likes to be frozen.

Apps > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything

Option 2

1/ Press and hold the Volume keys+Power button simultaneously until bootloader mode (image of an Android with Start) appears then release.

2/ Select Recovery mode.
Utilize the volume keys to cycle through the available options and the Power button to select.
The device restarts in Recovery mode.

3/ From the Recovery mode screen, press and hold the Power button then press the Volume up (+) key.

4/ Select wipe data/factory reset.

5/ Select Yes — delete all user data.
Allow several minutes for the factory data reset process to complete.

6/ Select reboot system now.
Allow several minutes for the reboot process to complete.

If anyone happens to read this post and have the same issue, I welcome all suggestions or solutions from you. I do not want to change a new phone. Kinda memorial related phone for me 😉


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