Pickup Line and whatever

I went back to my hometown for Lunar New Year – year or Horse.

Such a great time with family, relatives and friends after a long time away from home.

Basically, it was just about a week off. I spent 3 days with my family, 1 day visiting my mom’s family, 1 day visiting my dad’s family and 1 day visiting one of my high school teacher with my high school mates.

A whole point of this post will be about my high school mates and one of the worst pick up line I have ever had in my life.

When I was in high school, I did not really enjoy that time. I studied alright, not even mentioned that I managed just enough to finish my high school degree. I simply studied my fav majors and ignored the other silly Viet lectures. After graduation, I had many types of excuses not to gather with my high school mates.

Then, time flies. More than 12 years passed. This year is the 13th one. I decided that it would be silly when I just got away from something very personally and even childishly. I told my best friend, who went to a same high school with me, that I would like to join the high school reunion. That date was the 3rd day of new year and in Viet culture, that day is for teachers – whose role plays an important part of people’s growth, besides mothers and fathers.

There was no info about the reunion. Thanks to Facebook, my friend and I got all details and contact number. We arrived at my teacher’s late morning, where he already set up table full of food and beer. I still can recognize him. He was happy to see us – from my observation. He wondered whether I got mad at him during my high school years because I did not show up at any reunion. After listening to my explanation, he felt more comfortable and we had a great time catching up with other high school mates about our current lives, families and jobs. I think my teacher was proud of us, at least a few of us, to be successful in life.

And then, awkward moment happened. No matter how diplomatic I maintained during our conversations, one guy made it silly. I was told that he had or still has a crush on me. I respect that feeling. I make myself clear right when we met that I would like that reunion to be a friendly catch-up. He told me about how he felt for me; how he admired my personality and so on. He asked me about my current life and job. He asked me about my travels. He asked me, honestly, a lot of things. One of them was that “Can you just not to travel for good?” Next, “When will you leave?”, “Can you use this phone number when you are abroad?” “Oh so you cannot use it, so why do you give it to me?” “Why do you like to travel that much? It is time to stop”. Excuse me! I have not been in touch with that guy for more than 12 years. I barely know him and his life. Why he could ever ask me such a thing. I do not want write all here to criticize him. Simply, I just wanna say that when you admire someone and please do not even ask such a silly honestly question like that. Plus, many behaviors from his side make me feel awkward. Why simply could he just be like other classmates.

I can be very easy-going. I can play around with people’s jokes. Just do not do stupid things to me.

When you know about your love’s hobby or desire, you’d better to encourage or support. Otherwise, get out-of-the-way.

Poor that guy. One question. He lost my impression. No more contact with him since that day. Not my fault. I like to have a simple life and do what I love. Keep him away is better for myself and him.

Few thoughts after high school reunion. Not sure whether I would like to be there again next year. At least this year, it was a good experience. Full stop.


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