Thanksgiving 2013 – Can Tho


Coming back home for a short weekend excited me too much that I barely had a long sleep. Bus ride back home was kinda a nightmare this time. Drivers were racing each other while I tried to get some sleep. I woke up and got a feeling that “wow, they release speed limit or road conditions got better”. Yet, I was totally wrong. Anyway I made it home safe.

Spending time with my family was about up to date each other, being fed with so much yummy food by my mother and catching up with some friends.

I feel a bit foreign this time. The city changes quite a bit. More new roads leading to somewhere that I have no idea. The city seems bigger. Quiet. More space. Especially it is sunny here. Getting around here also confused me a bit at first. When I tried to get to my friend’s house, I found no xe om or taxi in front of my house or along the road. That is completely opposite to my current city. I walked for like 5 mins which was good. Then I caught a xe Om which a distance of 4 km more or less, the price was cheap enough that I did not wanna bargain with the xe om driver.

Food is way cheaper than other places. I got bunch of different types of snacks and drink. For two days I have not stopped eating snacks, oh well (:

This time I feel I would like to spend more time at home than other times. Well, coming back to work tomorrow makes me feel sad a bit. Gonna miss the quiet place; the yummy food; my parents; my old friends…

This is a place I can give a shit about being able to talk in English or not. \m/

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One thought on “Thanksgiving 2013 – Can Tho

  1. i am looking for a hotel in can tho for thanksgiving dinner…I am not to optimistic though…I know Saigon would be the place to be,just don’t want to make the trip up

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