Studios – Apartment – House

After deciding to take a break from traveling, my concern tends to accommodation in this hectic city.

I searched around and got 3 options for myself: studio, apartment and house. I used to stay in a serviced room (bathroom en suited, bed, mini fridge and air-conditioner). Now, less travels and more work in a same place.

I started my project and got back bunches of pieces of info about apartments in this city. One-bedroom; or two-bedroom apartment. Vietnamese and westerner lay-out apartments. Location in D1, D4, D. Binh Thanh or even D2 and D7. Pretty much I almost made my decision to pick one two-bedroom apartment in D4. Yet, the biggest hold-back point was deposit: two-month deposit plus first rent which in total is 3 month rent. How come I have to pay 2 month deposit??? Rather use those amount of money for my trip. So, apartment is out of the list.

I used to stay in a shared house; which was alright – quite similar to my service room but I had housemates. Housemates are important for me and picking a right shared house was not that easy. Rather be with my friends than new ones who I barely know. Renting a whole house in this city is a risk. No secure. Robbery can happen anytime. Plus, paying bills takes time. Oh well, I do not really put this option on the top of my list anyway. So, I put house renting away.

Studio – a serviced room with kitchen, balcony, en suited bathroom and room size is larger. I do not need to pay bills by myself – the landlord takes care of everything. I even have washing machine to do my own laundry. I do not need to pay 2-month deposit. The location I found is central and secured. Rent is in my budget. My worries are solved.

Then, I will see how long I can stick with my studio. Last time, I stayed in that service room for a year 🙂


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