Hoi An and Street Food


Little grilled pork vendor. You will make your own spring rolls when sitting on a small plastic chair in the street. Around 10,000vnd/stick.

I spent more time exploring street food during my last month trip in Hoi An.
The food did not let me disappointed.
Yummy and cheap and fresh.


“Slap paper rice” dish. Bánh tráng đập. Simply crispy rice paper on top and back covered a fresh rice paper in the  middle. Dip in a spicy soy sauce. Lots of peppers. Yes.


Oyster and crispy rice paper with spicy soy sauce. Fresh sea food. That amount can totally make you full.


One of many delicious desserts there is sweet corn soup – chè bắp. Just corn and sugar. Not too sweet. 5,000vnd/small bowl.


No clue for its English name. So good and fresh. Boiled with lemongrass and salt. Eating with spicy fish sauce. Spicy sauce is everywhere in Hoi An.


Chicken rice. Simple dish. Simple ingredients. Chickens, steamed rice with chicken stock. Herbs. Peppers. Papaya salad. Free tea. 20,000vnd/small plate and 40,000vnd/big plate. One of my favorite stall is 12 Phan Chu Trinh – cơm gà bà Buội.


Bánh căng – little Vietnamese pancakes made from rice flour. Eating with fresh vegetable and spicy fish sauce.

Oh well. I ate more than those. I can come back and check other dishes 🙂

By Angela Thao Huynh – Posted from WordPress for Android


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