Don Muong Airport, Thailand and Khao San Rd.

My second trip to Thailand and I am happy for that.

After crushing to Tan Son Nhat airport yo meet a friend of mine, I had plenty of time wandering in departure terminal, which I think the most boring place ever. Eating and drinking place are empty and monopolized. Unreasonable expensive stuff. Whatever.

My flight got delayed. No clue why. I tried to get some sleep as the night before I just spent 4 hours something sleeping. Yes. It is not good for my health. If you could give me more 24 hours a day, it could have done well.

Arrived at Don Muong around 11pm. We rented a locker to leave our bag and then we headed to Khao San to spend over night instead of a small boring airport.

Taxi from Don Muong airport to Khao San: 175B but it was almost midnight so we had to pay 50B more. On the way back it took us just 175B.

I got my pad Thai as usual. Yummy.


By Angela Thao Huynh – Posted from WordPress for Android


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