Angkor Thom & Artist


Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia – 5 years or so ago

My second trip to Cambodia and I visited Siem Reap. I saw that artist. I sat and observed him for an hour. Then I started to talk to him. With a basic English he told me that he was doing a project about Angkor Thom… he just drew all about Angkor Thom. I was so interested and kept sitting next to him for another hour. At the end when I was about to leave, he said he would love to draw one for me. I was so happy. It took him about 20 minutes and I have one face of many faces in Angkor Thom if you know what I talked about. So cool. I brought that drawing home and framed it with a nice simple frame. Love that!
What a pity that I lost his contact. I wondered if that project was over. What happened to his drawings?

By Angela Thao Huynh – Posted from WordPress for Android


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