A Foodie and Food in Singapore

I can tell everyone that I am a foodie more or less. I love to try new local food. I do have a list of things I do not like to eat. Yet, I am still down for new dishes. Staying in Singapore this time gives me more time on trying new food from everywhere but cooked in Singapore and maybe by Singaporean cooks. Anyway, in general, food here get affected a lot from Chinese, Malaysian, Idian; some Thai, some Vietnamese; many European. I do not really know which one is real Singaporean food – a iconic food like pho or goi cuon in Viet Nam; or pad Thai in Thailand. Moreover, as a bread lover, I can say breads in SingCity are not as good as those in Viet Nam, also which are the ones I miss a lot. Of course, foodie like me always complain about stuff but I do appreciate to try many of different types of food here.

Hardly to remember all names of restaurants I went to. The list of food photos is pretty long.

>> All photos in this post taken by Angela Thao Huynh – Singapore 2012 – Samsung Galaxy Nexus <<

Chicken tombik – Turkish Kebab House – Suntec Tower 3

Frog porridge – local food stall – Gealang

Soy milk and tai yao


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