Daily Story: A Man, A Supermarket and A Card Payment

I was at a local supermarket in my hometown with my mother. I was in a line to be about to check out my stuff and do payment. A local appeared behind me. The conservation was in Vietnamese

The man (A). Worldtrekker (B). A Casher (C)

C: So, your total is ###. Would you like to pay in cash?

B: Oh no, I will pay by credit card.

<C was doing a necessary process for my payment.>

A: Are they done yet? (noticed to me) Why does it take a long time?

<Then A saw my credit card. A shake his head.>

A: Ah credit card. Such a show off. Complicated. So many steps. Take other people time. Why not using cash? (with his annoying tone)

<A did not say it out loud but loud enough for B and C to hear.>

Later when it was his turn, I saw quickly he withdrew from his pocket  a bunch of 500,000VND notes.

No conclusion.

Worldtrekker’s point: I did not give any comment or complaint about his payment. Why did he stick his nose to my business?


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