Loss vs Life

Today was my last day at work. It was not that easy decision. Yet, I did and I live with it. Last time using Apple products. Last time using photography apps. Last time being spoiled with a very flexible working schedule.

Also, last time looking at a photo of you – DBW. I do not have a lot photos of you and us. Two so far, honestly. Those are meaningful. Those have their own stories behind. Last time I write about you on my blog. I think about you and I know that you want me to do things I want and live my life happily.

Then, first time for some other things. First time driving a scooter to find a cafe shop which is quite popular. Traveling around this city is not that easy. I get used to being around the downtown, aka District 1 and partly District 3. I often use Google Map and paper map. Lately I have not used them that much to navigate, which is so proud of me  🙂 First time drinking coffee, which is so bitter and sweet at the same time. Somehow the coffee taste seems like life. Ups and downs – freaking downs. Still, all of them are all around me. Running away is not my choice and option.

Totally ready to get back to tourism, related to coordination, operation, customer supports and etc. I am back. Communication and my passion in tourism/travel, I can’t wait to be back 🙂

Having started as a freelance tour planner for a while. Now I want to upgrade that 🙂


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