A Nonomadic Life

This life seems harder and more complicated than on-da-road life, aka nomad life. Just imagine that you were a bird, flying around freely and then move to a bird-cage just to fly a bit in a limiter space, no matter how large the cage is. How tough it would be!

Well, I – a worldtrekker – decide to take a break from traveling to see if I can be that flexible to adapt back to the life I used to have. It has been more than 3 months already. Except for some short trips back home, I have not traveled to any places abroad. Again, it is very hard

I feel itchy on my feet. I keep looking through my travel photos. I  am not sure how long I will stand.

I have to commit – at least once in the life. I commit to stay and work.
Does a short visit to Cambodia effect to this commit?
When you have a nomadic life, you face to a lot of different things which are new to you but completely normal to other people. For example, figure out what kind of job you wanna have or basically what you wanna do for living. I just mainly worked a lot to earn and save up as much money as I can. Then I took off for my trips. I might do some freelance or part-time jobs to support my trip. When I was back from the trip, I had to start over again. To a nonnomadic person, they also work but they travel less. They have a job after they get back from traveling. Maybe this idea is just right for me. Not applied to everyone.
So to take more serious steps, I sit down and list all things I wanna do. I have my brother to discuss but I really need to hear opinions from my older friends. Unable to be that sure to follow all their advice but at least thinking through my things
Decisions are always hard to make. When we make it, we make a choice, we will live with it. No regret.
Two decisions have been made since I left USA. I am totally pleased  for all of them. It is hard for me but cool for others. I do not care. Still a long road ahead. Keep my chin up and live my life 🙂

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