Relationship – who the heck are you?

I do not really know how to start this post. I want to talk about relationship – boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

I made a choice: traveling around the world. I spent all my time and energy for that choice. I grabbed all the chances to make it happen. The biggest achievement so far for me – an average Asian woman.

So, then I did not spend time or any effort for relationship/ being in a serious relationship. Plus, at some point I do not really trust nor stay committed for a while. All my relationships, which I named by myself, lasted like from one to six months. I do not know how to handle that because I did not spend time to get to know and love that.

Well, then, a break from traveling gives me a chance to learn and experience this relationship thing. Let’s see how I deal with it. Will I be passionate enough like I was for my on-the-road life? As long as I find it interesting, I am going for it.

Oh wait, I do not look for it. It will come to me eventually, I believe. My point here is that if I get a chance to be in a relationship, I am gonna work it out as a nomadic person 🙂


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