29! Just one more year to 30

Found out that I did not have any post about my 29th. Really? I was bad. I did not keep my words. I read my post of 28th and I wrote that

New age. New plans. Way to go!

To-do list before I reach 29 :P
– EU trip for Christmas and New Year
– USA trip for my brother’s graduation and my 29th 
– back on track for what-I-called career, focusing on Customer Service
So yay me! I did make that list come true. It was not a big list.
What do I want to do and look forward to at my 29th?
To-do list for 29th
– Seriously focus on my work
– Take a break from traveling
– Blog more about my travel and current life – what I observe, what I learn, what I experience.
– Have a serious relationship, maybe? (optional)
Nothing much. I am having a break from traveling. I am living a city life in Saigon. I like my networking. I enjoy to live in this city for a while, but for good.
Do not ask me for a 5-year or 2-year goal. I am living my life well and productively for both myself and for everyone around me.
Stay Calm. Focus. Enjoy!

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