Vietnamese Moments in US

Vietnamese Moments in US

No matter where I am, I always go with my own style – tomboy. I find myself more confident and comfortable with that style.

Going to US for my brother’s graduation, I did not bring any girly clothes at all (as usual). I knew that big day was very importation for my brother and my family. I for sure could wear jean and black shirt to that event. Yet, I remembered that I was from Viet Nam. I flew over more than 13813.37 km (~ 8583.23 miles). I did not want to look like other people there. I wanted to be different in my own way. “Áo dài” was my first option. My mother was totally with me.

That dress was made by a local tailor near my house back in Can Tho. Since when? I am not sure when I got it. Maybe when I was at 2nd year at college. I do not have many áo dài though. I have worn it now and then at some special occasions. I actually wear it when I am abroad 🙂 The last time right before the US trip, I wore it to greet BBC2 team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. After a long time, that dress still fits me. Quite nicely. Background of the dress was light green dotted with some light yellow flowers. The dress went with a long white pants. I like simplicity. I like my combination for that dress.

Calmly walking in Berea campus, I noticed some people looking at me. No staring. They looked and wondered. I surely know they can recognize Japanese kimono, Korean hanbok, Russian Sarafan, etc, but Vietnamese áo dài. Note for readers: Berea College is located in a small town Berea, Kentucky (more west direction of KY) and not many people know about Viet Nam. Vietnamese community is quite small, compared to other places in USA. I was a bit surprised when an old lady coming to me and asked which country of the dress I was wearing was from. I told her it was traditionally from Viet Nam. She gave me a short sweet compliment. Later on, there were some other women and men expressing that they really liked my dress and I looked so pretty in it. I was not the only one wearing it by the way. My mother and two of my American girl friends joined me. All of us marked a highlight at that ceremony. I was so glad that we brought in a small American college some Vietnamese moments.

At the tea-time buffet, after talking to all my brother’s teachers and friends, I escaped a bit to enjoy a bit fresh air and a fresh green grass of Berea College. The weather was pretty nice full of sunlight. My brother’s friend captured the photo of me when I wandered around.

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