Zenit ET – Some tips and basic manual

Zenit ET - Some tips and basic manual

>>> http://www.kozerawski.com/2007/11/26/zenit-et-some-tips-and-basic-manual/

1. To open its body you have to pull up the small hand wheel on the top used to rewind the film.

2. To rewind the film you have to use the small hand wheel on the top together with a metal ring around the trigger button (you have to push that ring down – not the trigger – and hold to rewind the film)

3. Exposure meter: just right to the ISO/DIN ring and hand wheel you can find a scale built in the body of the camera. There is a indicating needle and a indicating ring. When they are overlying then it means that the adjustment of shutter time and aperture is OK. When the needle and the ring are in the different positions then picture will be overexposed or underexposed. Use the shutter time knob, aperture ring on the lenses to gain the proper adjustment.

4. Self timer spring and button are placed in the front of the camera.

5. The exposure meter in this camera is not TTL (through the lenses) and the sensor is placed just above the lenses. During examining the exposure try not to cover the sensor with your fingers.

6. As you probably noticed it is manual camera. It is not an electronic device. There is no film winding engine, no auto focus etc.


The film I use at the moment has iOS 200. Pretty easy to find them around the city. Rate is around 45,000VND. Rate to develop is quite expensive by the way, around 100,000VND. So I guess I will not take and develop them frequently 😀

4 thoughts on “Zenit ET – Some tips and basic manual

  1. Thank you for this, got this camera from grandma and was having a hard time to even open the case. Still wondering about the film rewinding.

  2. Thank you for this little guide from Germany

    Yesterday I bought this fine camera, but the manual is in Russian.
    My camera is new. She has seen any film yet. She slept since 1981 in her pocket …

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