SGN: Swimming Pools

SGN: Swimming Pools

There are lots of swimming pools in the city.
I basically do not know to swim. After purchasing a life jacket, I feel comfortable and confident to be in the pool again. No standing and walking in the pool. This time, I actually float and move around in the pool.
I have checked some pools. Some ask for entrance fee. Some are private. Some are in the hotels and I got invited. Pretty much fun for all pools I was at.
Nothing better than today, sun and wind. Fewer people in the pool when I was there with a friend. Time was around noon to 3:30PM right before Vietnamese came swimming 🙂


– Van Thanh Swimming pool

Entrance Fee: 50,000VND – unlimited time

Quite big. Adult and kid area

Take off shoes/flip-flop before you entered the pool area.

Better to go around noon to late afternoon if you wanna enjoy the sun and a bit quiet time.

– Rex Hotel

Entrance Rate: ~70,000VND – unlimited time

On the roof of the hotel. Quite small and not that deep.

Drink is a bit expensive

– Park Hyatt Hotel

No idea about the entrance. Last time I got invited

Luxury service

Expensive drinks

Adult and kid area

– Vincom Building – Indoor Swimming Pool

The pool belongs to a Fitness Center. You must have a membership card

I got invited to that pool as well  so I have no info about the entrance fee

Water is so cold. Guess they turn on the AC quite low

Jacuzzi included

Just for adult – quite deep

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