A Change. A Refresh.

Ya, better I should have done that long time ago.

I consider to change the current theme. It was with me for more than 5 years. I have started to write this blog since late Oct, 2005. All my posts at that time were on Yahoo 360, if any of you happen to know it. I had to move them manually to wordpress.com after 4 times choosing 4 different hosts.

Today, I picked a new theme. Time to change clothes. Time to do something different.

Basically, I prefer a dark background. I think that is good for my photos. My blog now tends to be about photos I take. I keep writing normal writing posts.

WordPress.com helps me out a lot when they set up a new feature: express new post where I can quickly write and publish my post when my idea/craziness is still fresh 😉 Then I can publish a photo post, post my favorite quote or even just share an interesting link I find somewhere on-line. So convenient. I just now focus on my feeling to write and to capture valuable moments in my life and I am happy to share them all here – my notebook.

I know that I am not travelling now but I will let you know life after travel in a hectic city of Viet Nam 🙂

Thank you for reading and following my blog!


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