Florence – Scooter Around a Historic City

My friend picked me up on a scooter (SH brand name) in Florence. It was my first cool experience in the city. It was so super cold and I was so glad that I got my winter jacket with me. The weather was warmer than that in Klagenfurt, Austria though; around 10C degree.

Such a touristic city, full of tourists – Asian, European, Russian, and so on.

I got some good Italian pasta, pizzas, and cappuccino cafe… Churches and dom. River and ponts. Blue sky. Good local friend. A short trip but it was worthy for 86EU round train ticket.

Also, I stopped by Venice for a few hours and I did make a good decision to leave the city early. Too many tourists to stick around.

Italy! I made it… Still wonder if I should fly to Rome – I love the movie Holidays in Rome. Budget travels so I have to consider about the flights.


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