Klagenfurt – Small Lovely City with Friendly People

Hello Austria – I am heading to Klagenfurt, the town 4hrs away from Wien (Vienna)

Finally the airplane landed on Wien after around more or less nine hours. I felt comfortable on the plane as nobody sat next to me. I had a whole two seats for myself. Slept well. Ate well. Had time to check the flight map and some boring movies.

Wien Airport looked similar to other airports I have been. Quickly I was transferred to International Arrival Area. I passed the immigration process without having been asked any question. Showed my passport. Waited for less than 3 minutes. Got it back. Done. It took a bit to get my backpack but it let me to read all instructions around me (both in German and English). I found out that trollers were not free of charge. Beh, it was good that I used backpack. I left the Customer area to head outside. I almost missed my host/my CS friend haha. Everyone wore black clothes and looked so big. We walked in five minutes to the free parking area. D, my host, drove me on a mini van, which was kinda cool, to his house in Klagenfurt. That city is around 4 hours away from Wien with population of around 90,000 people. So small. I think it is just like district 1 and district 3 in Saigon. I noticed so many cool things on the way and they made me kinda exicted. Ya, it is European way, worldtrekker! Less traffic. Many trees but all the leaves were gone so they looked like dead. Small houses. Fields with thin snow. Horses. We passed some villages, churches and many tunnels. I liked it here for one of many things that the local did not stare at you but they looked, smiled and walked away. I did not feel as an ailen at all.

My host’s house is about 20mins walking to the downtown, or maybe less if I walk faster haha. The resident is super quiet and clean. D and his younger brother’s family are living in the same building but in different flat. All of them are super nice and welcome me as a family member – which I appreciated a lot.

I did not do a lot of thing before the Christmas; just chilling and let my body get used to with the temperature. We did a little shopping (milk, sausage, etc). Relaxed. My first night in town was so fun. I met one of D’s daughter and her friend at a local pub where they gave you free OB hahaha. I found it so funny. Beers are not that cheap at all. Well in return they are all good. I got three different kinds of beers in a row of that night. We also went to Checkpoint Charlies (or something like that) where I met a lot of drunk young people. I think they are local. They acted as other drunk people I met haha. No problem to deal with them. However, somehow it was kinda fun to talk to them.

First day and fist night I felt so much welcome in Klagenfurt.


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