The little man of lake Wörthersee

The little man of lake Wörthersee


At the south bank of lake Wörthersee, western of Maiernigg, the mountain ridge covered with dark conifers falls down sharp to the water and forms the so-called Black Wall, under which during the ghostly hour the bells of a sunken town are said to ring.

Because at that place – as goes the legend – there was a big town with splendid buildings. But its inhabitants had become wanton and impious by their riches. They forgot God, modesty and morals and engaged in wicked mockery.

On the eve of Easter they were celebrating a feast with dance, when the door of the banquet hall opened and a lean, icegrey little man reminded the people of the feast of Easter and threatened with punishment.

But all the people laughed about the old man. After he had appeared again and nobody had listened to him, he opened the spigot of a small barrel he was carrying with him.

A terrible thunderstorm began and endless floods of water came out of the barrel, until the town with its inhabitants was devastated.

Everything was covered by the waters of lake Wörthersee.

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