Bangkok – Christmas Season 2011

I decided to spend 2 nights in BKK – such a long time I have not returned my favorite country.

I had a lot of pad thai and kaoneaw mamueng – which are my favorite food in Thailand. I did not do a lot of things but working and walking around. I love to hear Thai. I like to observe people taking pictures with fake Christmas trees and Christmas decorations in big shopping malls. They prepared themselves with a real professional cameras as well as cellphone cameras. Pretty fun. I did take some photos of them and myself.

I had a great time in Bangkok. I was glad that I made it there earlier.

I left Bangkok from my hostel at 1:30AM after doing an on-line check-in. It took me around 30-40mins from downtown (Siam Paragon area) to Bangkok International Airport. I paid 2 times for highway tolls (45baht for the highway and 20baht for the airport, I think). My taxi fare was 275baht and I tipped him 25baht as he helped me carry my backpack. Oh well, tipping is not Thai culture but it was 2AM and he was so nice to me and I do not have small changes 😛 Bangkok International airport is under renovation so you can see a lot of small construction. I found my EvaAir counter, checked in my backpack and wandered to find the immigration counters which were after row Q, where was EvaAir counter. It was empty. No long queue so I passed everything pretty fast. Everyone smiled with me. I made it to gate E to board on time. Actually I have like 15-20mins to read my book. I had a window seat which is almost on the back of the airplane (seat 50K). People will say it will be noisy. Well, when you are exhausted, you just want to go straight to sleep. So that was what I did. Sleep like a baby. Flight attendants did not wake me up at all (much appreciated!) to give me my snack and drink. I believe I am a lucky little wordtrekker (yes I keep telling you guys all the time about this). There was nobody sitting next to me. So after taking off a few minutes, I lied down perfectly on two seats and slept. So comfy and warm 😛 I slept from 4:15AM to 11:AM more or less (VN time), like in 7hrs. Automatically I woke up. Lunch time for me with the light snack. I watched movies, which were all boring. Then, I played a bit with the Compass function. Then they served breakfast (to me it was a lunch/brunch, whatever) with 2 options: noodle with chicken or omelette and bread. You know what I chose 😉 Then, it was time to landing on Vienna (Wien) where my friend/host is waiting for me at the airport.

Hey Austria, I finally see you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


One thought on “Bangkok – Christmas Season 2011

  1. I also enjoy the pic of info about the flights. It’s amazing how fast we can travel on planes 🙂

    Thanks for this interesting post! I’ll look for kaoneaw mamueng when I’m in Thailand… as long as they can make it not-spicy.

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