Chinese Opera – Vietnamese Hồ Quảng

I believed I have that hobby from my grandmother and my mother. When I was young, my mother loved to listen to some hồ quảng but my grandmother liked Chinese Opera. At that time, I did not know much and until now, I understand a bit hồ quảng’s stories which mainly based on Chinese history.

Today, I have spent a whole afternoon to look into and and finally here is what I have had. Thanks to my friend Hector for his help in translation

In Chinese: Lu Bu and Diao Chan

In Vietnamese: Lữ Bố – Điêu Thuyền

Some other random video clips I found on

Tống Liên Chi / Thái Bình Công Chúa & Tiết Thiệu

Fragrant Sacrifice – Chang Ping Princess / Trường Bình Công Chúa

What a pity that last time in China, I could not make it to any opera shows at all. I do want to. Even in Viet Nam, I have not been at any live opera shows. It is still on the list of my on-da-road life 🙂

Note: some Chinese and Vietnamese names

Võ Tắc Thiên = Wu Zentian

Điêu Thuyền = Diao Chan

Đắc Kỷ = Da Ji

Chang Ping Princess = Trường Bình Công Chúa

Xishi = Tây Thi

Wang Zhaojun = Vương Chiêu Quân

Yang Guifei = Dương Quý Phi (Yang Yuhuan = Dương Ngọc Hoàn, same as Yang Guifei)

Lu Bu = Lữ Bố

Guan Gong = Quan Công

Guan Yu = Quan Vũ

Yang Li-hua = Dương Lệ Hoa

and so on if I get some from my friend 🙂


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