Thanksgiving 2011 – 1st Time in Ho Chi Minh City

Even though I am not that free to host a big party, I still have my own reasons to host a feast in Saigon this year. Since 2009, it has been my latest Thanksgiving in my life. That holiday does not matter much to me. Yet, I think it is a great day – a day of feeling grateful. On the same boat with me, my boss will not go back home for this Thanksgiving. We later both agree to host our first Thanksgiving in Ho Chi Minh city, based at our Greengar Headquarter in District 1. We decided to make it a private event as his housemate and we cannot handle a big party in a small space. Actually I think Thanksgiving is not suitable for party animals. Just a day to think, feel and enjoy together with families and friends.

After a few hours planning and looking into some recipes on-line and from friends, I have an outline for that big day.


General Information

Event: Thanksgiving 2011 in HCMC

Date: Nov 24th, 2011

Time: 6PM – 11PM

Place: 132 Tran Quang Khai, District 1, HCMC

Guests: friends of my boss’, his housemate’s and mine 🙂

Notes: Guests will bring drink/wine (but not Dalat wine – a local wine and liquor) and their favorite desserts. Non-smoker guests. This is a private event and not a big noisy house-party.

RSVP: Before Nov 22nd, 2011

Planned Thanksgiving Menu

For Starter

– Pumpkin Soup

– Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil

For Main Course

– Roasted Turkey

– Corn and Sausage Stuffing

– Sweet Corn and Salted Butter

– Salad

– Gratin Dauphinois

– Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For Desserts

– to be brought by guests

For Drink

– to be brought by guests

Dishes listed above mainly will be prepared/made by myself 🙂 Hope everything will be fine and our first Thanksgiving will be a good one.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2011 – 1st Time in Ho Chi Minh City

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