Brief EU Travel Plan

Never in my life, I have done such a thing: plan for a trip in a very short time to travel to a place which is more than 10 hours flying away from Viet Nam, where there is nothing cheap compared to Viet Nam standard, where there is real snow and real damn cold temperature and where I will stay for around one month. For my last S.E.A trip, I planned for one year. I saved up all my 3-year working salary.

At the time I am writing this post, I have a Schengen visa to EU, which means I am allowed to visit 25 countries in EU. You can read more about Schengen on-line. After a bit long time and hard-working, yes I got it! Officially and legally, I am good to go to EU for a certain number of days (which is decided by the Embassy).

Also at the moment, I have not booked any flight ticket yet. I used to give myself a budget of 1,000USD – 1,100USD for a round trip. Later, that has to be cut down, which is 900USD –  1,000USD. I have some options and they have made me headache for a few days.

China Airlines offers 1-month round trip with 1,1000USD: OUT

Qatar Airlines offers 1,200USD round trip: OUT

Eva Airlines offers 1,200++USD round trip: OUT

It seems I have only one option with AirAsia, whose I am a big fan. They offers a very good deal 900USD++, without check-in bag. It is not a direct trip though. Flights are from HCMC, Viet Nam to KL, Malaysia and then connect to ORY, Paris, France – where I will have a connecting domestic flight from CDG, Paris, France to VIE, Wien, Austria. It will be definitely a long trip with a very low amount of food and water. I think I can make it. I have done a lot worse bus rides in bad conditioned roads in S.E.A. As long as the flight tickets is reasonable cheap, I will take it. Plus, if I want to do this way with AirAsia, I will be able to visit Paris in a short time on the way back to Viet Nam. Well, most of the time I will be in Austria as a FYI.

A bigger concern now is real winter warm clothes which I do not really have. I have one big hoodie from my brother, which I think is for inside. Then I have a hiking shoes which my friend said does not help me much. In fact, I do not prepare anything for clothes. Suck do I!

OK, in short I have around 2 months and 5 days for making a travel plan, at least for transportation, to-eat, to-do and to-see lists. Remember: make a donation date for winter clothes from friends. Woohoo!

Ah almost forget one important thing that I will do a crazy one-month trip without check-in bags which means I will only have a 7-kg carry-on backpack with my netbook and camera. Gosh! I think I am crazy for sure. We’ll see! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Brief EU Travel Plan

  1. I don’t want to let you down but we had been in Europe 2 times. Your notebook and all of the wires will weight around 3-4kg (It excluded the case for your laptop). Winter clothes will be needed and it’s the most importance thing you should have when you go to EU. Winter clothes are the most heavy one. you must wear them when you go to the airport ( then you will have free-weight for that). I wore the winter clothes in Tan Son Nhat Airport and I think everybody think i must be crazy. It’s really hot but i don’t want to put any extra weight on my luggage…. 😛

    Good luck with your travel. Wishes all of the best.

  2. oh my! you are crazy. can you get some winter clothing from north face? their factory is in VN and i think you can get it for cheap! the good thing about a north face jacket is if you get a really good one (a fleece one or ski jacket), that will be all that you need!

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