The Shortest and OMG Trip to Ha Noi

I have not thought one day in my life I went to Ha Noi for 2 days 2 nights – such a short trip in my on-da-road life.

All document for visa got done one day before I left  for Ha Noi. A hurry trip and I was not sure if it was OK if I stayed there for 2 business days. I went to Ha Noi without any hostel reservation, without any plan for how long I would stay.O.M.G

I flew with AirMekong, which is quite nice for cheap flights. They served a light dinner with fruit and drinks. Small airplane but I found it OK. I am not that big (:

The woman next to me on the right, next to the window, was annoying. She took all her space (her seat) and even my space. She always touched me, put her hands over to my space, moved her legs and hit mine, turned of my reading light. She did not turn off  her cellphone at all. She smelled badly. She made noise when she ate her light dinner. She talked loudly to other passenger behind her. She stole the safety instruction booklet. She did not fasten her seat belt as well. O.M.G

The girl next to me on the left side kept using her “herbal green oil”. The smell almost K.Oed me :/ She kept vomit-bags with her just in case. O.M.G

A couple with two kids in front of my place played an important role in a whole annoying flight :/ They all did not fasten seat bell during the trip, taking off and landing. Their kids yelled all the time. They talked loudly. They hit their kids when the kids yelled. Kids ran back and forth between their parents’ seats. O.M.G

When we arrived at the terminal, nobody there knew the Q rule. They often hit me and pushed me forward when there was no space in the front so that I could move. One old woman hit my foot many times with her roller. O.M.G

I called to some dorms at hostels in Ha Noi. All said rooms were full/not available. WTF? Unbelievable! It turned out because I talked to them on phone in Vietnamese. I met some foreigner tourists arriving last night and they got dorm beds. O.M.G

I tried to take shuttle bus from Noi Bai Airport to downtown (01 Quang Trung). There were just empty buses and nobody wanted to drive until the buses were full. They told me to wait at least around 45 minutes, aka I would be downtown around later than mid-night. O.M.G


2 thoughts on “The Shortest and OMG Trip to Ha Noi

  1. hi, I found your blog accidentally. I’m from Cantho, too. It’s a pleasant to read your blog and follow your trips. At the moment, we have started a small project on an English Cafe in Cantho. This idea is pretty new here and somehow I believe it to be awesome. I love Cantho so much and believe you do, too. What you have been writing so far immediately caught my intention, and I am thinking if I could invite you to this little coffee shop the earliest time you are back in CT to give some talk and share some ideas about what you are doing. Besides, I would love to hear from you if you have any comments on what we are doing with the Englsih Cafe project. I was a student of English Studies in CTU, too. Please contact me if you see this comment so that we can talk more.

    this is my contact detail: yh: eden.dangphuchau; gmail:

    and here what we are doing:

    • thank you for your invitation. I wish I could. At the moment I am pretty busy at work so I cannot make it back to Can Tho. Wish you guys best luck! That idea is brilliant. Keep doing it!

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