Visa Documents to Austria – A Note for Self

Since I decided to accept my friend’s invitation to Austria to have Christmas and New Year with his family, I had started to prepare all required documents from Viet Nam side. It was a long process for a Vietnamese passport holder. Sometimes it was so hard that I just wanted to give up and told myself that there were thousands of other countries to visit and why I wanted to go to EU, a developed place. In the other hand, I thought if I did not try, how I could know if I could have a visa and moreover, I would not know the process of applying a visa to a developed country. All together, I did it. Lots of money, time and energy though.

I went back to my hometown at least 3 times to get all personal documents translated into English and notarized. Those costed around 100USD 😐

I worked with my bank for certification of my bank balance statement and asked my mother to help. Those costed around 20USD 😐

I needed documents from my company and it took time to proofread and printed them out. Luckily, it costed nothing (:

I bought a travel insurance, non-refundable. It costed around 50USD. The amount depends on how long your trip would last.

When I gathered them and showed to my friend, he was surprised how thick the envelope was, LOL

OK, the list below is for reference, mainly just a note for self 🙂

1. Bank

– Saving Account: Bank Balance Statement from the bank in English (a copy of your detailed deposit and withdraw actions and a letter from the bank saying how much I have at the bank, and the amount in equalization of USD) within last 3 months.

* Collect all saving accounts

* No acceptation for Credit Card and ATM accounts

2. Work

– Recommendation Letter: this letter says which position I have, when I start to work, what my salary is and the manager approves for my absence permit. It should attach the manager’s contact information.

* My company bases in USA, so I prepare a company profile showing that the company registered legally in USA.

– Absence Permit Letter: this letter says all my personal information, date I plan to start the trip, reasons of my absence and my promise of going back Viet Nam on time.

* No need for labor contract

3. Flight Reservation

– Flight Reservation for Return Trip: Just go to the airplane office and talk to them about the reservation for the trip. They will send a reservation via email with info like due date to purchase the ticket, how kilogram your bags are allowed, and cost with tax and fees.

4. Travel Insurance

– A copy of original travel insurance: this paper says that when the insurance will cover, for how long and especially it can cover 30,000EU, aka around 40,000USD for the trip. Schengen visa will give more 15 days in your planned travel so you should remember that for your travel insurance.

5. Visa application

– Visa form: download for free (Visa Form). The form is filled in all capitalized or type. Remember to sign in both page 2 and page 3.

– Photos: 2 photos with 3.5cm x 4.5cm, white background. One is pasted on the form and another is attached along with the visa form. Read more SV-Fotokriterien for photo standard.

– Invitation Letter: this letter is made on-line (I think it is call Elektronische Verpflichtungserklaerung) by the sponsor. I have no information how this letter was made. There is a code on the invitation (next time I should highlight it :P)

* To make sure, I printed out my sponsor’s passport and attached it along with the invitation letter.

– A notarized copy of my current valid passport

* No need for a notarized copy of my Vietnamese ID card, household booklet, birth certification and house ownership certification from the parents.

– Visa fee: non-refundable 60EU. The exchange is displayed in VND in front of the Visa Office of Austrian Embassy.

It looks quite simple 🙂 It did not!


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