New Chapter in My Life – 2011, Sep

After spending a long time thinking hard and considering many good and bad things, I made my final decision. I do not know if it is a perfect one. I do know that it makes me happy though. Oh well, living a life in the way I want is all purposes. Do things makes me happy – then everything will be fine. If things turn out not that good, I still consider it a new challenge in my life. I need to give thing all chances. If it were a mistake, I would learn from it and would not do it again 🙂 That’s what I call nothing to lose.

Saying like that seems easy but you know what, I am always serious about what I am doing. I know what I am doing.

This city is giving me a lot – so much than I expected. Yet, it also took away from me so much. It’s fair enough. Nothing for free.

On-the-road life is officially taking a vacation now – rest! min is around 6 months and max could be more than a year.

I look forward to keeping receiving my family and my friends’ supports and encourages.

Wait! what is the hard decision I’ve just made this weekend? haha I will write more about that!

Happy new working week!


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