Pull Over – Police Stories

I do not own any motorbike. I do not have a driving licence. Yes, I know I am different from other Vietnamese people. I know I break the rule when I need to ride a motorbike around the city, no matter how careful I am.

Anyway, so far, I have not pulled over by any Mr. Policeman since I knew how to ride a motorbike. It is just applied when I am a driver. I got pulled over four times when my friend rode a motorbike in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam.

Cambodia story

In Phnom Penh: M was lazy to wear helmet. I did not wear helmet. In Cambodia, only driver wears helmet. We got pulled over. No helmet for the driver – motorbike would be locked and we would pay for the ticket for sure. Mr. Policeman said “50USD”. M replied “No, 20USD is OK?!”. Mr Policeman: “Yes!”. We left without any ticket but paying 20USD.

In Kampot: I wanted to check a local market out. M got across and was about to park it. Mr. Policeman stopped us, showed us a piece of paper full of traffic/road signs and said “Stop! Motorbike locks”. He did not even say anything about the tickets. Two other Mr. Policemen joined. They tried to ask us to get off the bike. M said ” we were just about to park. No driving in that one-way road.” Helpless. M turned the bike and rode away. LOL

Laos story

In Vientiane: E rode me to get some food for dinner. We did not see the sign saying one-way. Two Mr. Policemen ran after us and stopped us at a very twilight area on the road. They asked us to follow them back to their post. They asked some questions. E showed them her business card. They asked us to pay a ticket at their headquarter. We said we did not know where it was and we did not stay there that long. One of them said “Pay here OK”. There we go! E asked how much. They said “10USD”. We paid and left without any ticket.

Viet Nam story

In Ho Chi Minh city: J rode me home after an hour hanging out at a club. We were sober. We made a wrong turn. We did not see any Mr. Policemen around. Suddenly they appeared in the street and pulled us over. One of them talked to J in Vietnamese for driving licence and motorbike’s permit paper. J talked to them in Vietnamese. I pretended I were a Singaporean, aka no Vietnamese. Mr. Policemen pointed out what wrong we did. They asked us to pay for the ticket 5.5USD. They got a real ticket for us. J asked if they had change because J had a big note. They did give him change and discounted 50cents. After paying and getting ticket, Mr. Policemen got on their bike and rode away.

My experience: it is very easy to deal with Khmer policemen. Just like you go to the market and bargain. Gee 😐


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